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       This video will teach you how to import your data into the application. There are many different options in finding and identifying your data using are application. After watching the video you should have a great understanding of how the AI works in the application.   Getting data into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or Access Database can be time consuming watch this video to see how easy it can be done using Import Export (MS Office Tool). After watching the video you should be able to export with one two or even three clicks of your mouse button.     The video will teach you all the ins and outs of finding data. After watching this video you will be able to take any text file and quickly export only selected data into a Microsoft Spreadsheet or Access Database.   The video teaches other options like help, printing, and changing screen colors.   This video will show you how to install the demo on Windows Vista 64 Bit Machines. If you have Vista 32 Bit you do not have to watch this video,                                                                                                                                            Certified by DownloadCourier 100% Clean   Certified by www.soft-go.com to have No Spyware, No Adware, and No Viruses 100% Certified Clean by soft easyhtools 4 stars Awarded on FreeSafeSoft.comListed and Awarded 5 Stars by Fileheap.com Import Export (MS Office Tool) Listed on Softholm.comAuzzie all the way from the land down under Rated with 5 stars   Note: When buying the software Norton Anti-Virus might display a warning message. Just click acept becasue your pre-registation is automatically sent to us.      Skip Navigation Links All Training Videos Note: Videos will not work using the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer    This video has a brief explanation of our software. It is an easy visual way to get an understanding of what the software is about. After watching the video you should have an all around high level description of how it can quickly get you what you need into your spreadsheet or database in MS Office.